Due Diligence

The due diligence phase of a multi-family investment is one of the most critical tasks necessary to fully understand the condition of a prospective purchase. Within Woodruff Property Management Company, we have a due diligence services team dedicated to this process, including property condition reports and forensic analysis reports.

With a property condition report, we will assign a team of our professionals to walk the entire grounds of the property, notating all items of concern, such as building paint, roofs, sidewalks, pavement, fencing, lighting, landscaping, amenities, office/clubhouse condition, signage, etc.  Interior unit inspections can be added as an additional level of analysis if requested.

We will then provide you with a detailed written report of all findings and recommendations.  With a forensic analysis, we will make a detailed and complete examination of the monthly financial reports, lease files, contracts, rent roll software management systems, insurance policies, property taxes, mortgage documents, etc.  We will then provide you with a detailed written report of all findings and recommendations.

National Vendor Accounts

Our company has established long-standing relationships with numerous nationwide multi-family industry vendors, and has negotiated discounted pricing for our properties that we manage. We make every effort to maximize these relationships with every new residential community that we assimilate into our management program.

Tax Appeals

Property tax is one of the largest operating expenses incurred by a residential property. Analyzing and minimizing real estate and personal property taxes can become a very time consuming processing. Our firm has developed processes to manage property taxes, and has worked extensively with many nationally recognized property tax appellate consultants. It’s our goal to make sure that your property only pays taxes on proper and reasonable valuations and assessments.

Training & Recognition

Every new employee of Woodruff Property Management Company receives in-depth orientation and training for their new position, utilizing classroom and on-site training, as well as the latest online training available from vendors such as GraceHill.
We like to brag about our employees, and routinely recognize them for winning contests and achieving goals. Our company can provide customized training services to non-managed properties, on a daily basis.

Professional Employee Development

As a company, we are always reviewing our employee base for exceptional talent and for those who are consistently excelling at their jobs. These are the employees that are usually at the top of the list for promotions as well. As such, we want to further develop our employees with increasing levels of training and certifications.
There are many nationally recognized courses that we sponsor, such as the Certified Apartment Manager, or CAM course, the Certified Apartment Property Supervisor, or CAPS course, the Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician, or CAMT course, and the National Apartment Leasing Professional, or NALP course, to name a few.

Motivational Speaking

As part of our training program, our new employees receive an in-depth understanding of ‘The Woodruff Way’. It’s our philosophy on leadership and management, and how we apply it to operating our properties and our company. We have several of our seasoned professionals available to share this fun and enlightening philosophy to your employees as well.